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TGVphoto creates DVD Instructional videos for Photoshop and Photography as well as workshops from time to time.
Keep an eye on our social platforms for when they are available or Contact me to set one up.

Photoshop Workshops Currently Available

Photoshop Workshops:
Hosted at TGV Studio . . . no more than 4 Participants at a time.

(4x 2hr classes held over 4weeks)
Custom Schedule to suit your needs (Evenings or Saturdays)
One-on-one = R2000.00
2-4people = R1500.00 each

Fees include Sample pictures relating to class lessons and assignments.

Get the complete Photoshop Orientation DVD for only R250 when signing up for a workshop. (Over 5.5hrs of Tutorials)

Contact me to arrange suitable evenings

Photoshop Crash Coarse: R250.00 per hour
Hosted at TGV Studio on a one-on-one basis

Content of your choosing. Come to me with all your photoshop challenges and Ill resolve them for you in a one-on-one session.

Pay for the time you need only (by the hour)
Contact me to arrange a suitable time


Photography Workshops Currently Available

Learn basic Studio lighting: (+-4hrs)
Hosted at TGV Studio

One-on-one: R1000.00
Group of 2-4: R500.00 each

Lighting Styles

  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Paramount Lighting (Butterfly lighting)
  • Split lighting
  • Profile Lighting (Rim lighting)
  • Loop Lighting

Lighting Modifiers
Measuring Light
Lighting a Backdrop
Practical Portrait Shoot

Contact me to arrange a suitable evening

Looking into Photography - What to Buy or Learning your New Camera (1-2hrs)
Hosted at TGV Studio

One-on-one: R500.00
Group of 2-4: R250.00 each


Cameras & Lenses
Aperture, Shutter & how they work
Exposure & Metering
Light & Colour
Equipment & Software
Retouching, Resolution & Printing
General Q&A

Contact me to arrange a suitable evening