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Photographic Prints


Photo Mosaic

I use your favourite image, from either your Engagement Shoot or your own personal archives, as a base image and then use the rest of the images from the Shoot or archive to create a Mosaic of that image (See Sample Below)

The image is printed on polyester, machine washable fabric and mounted on an aluminium frame. Alternatively you can select any of the Print & Framing Styles offered by TGVphoto listed under the "Photographic Prints" Menu

Your Mosiac can be any size with as many images making up the final product as you desire . . . The more images you have the better the final effect will be. I recommend each image tile being a minimum size of 15mm to ensure sufficient detail is maintained in the image of each tile to still be distiguishable from up close

Genuine Photo Mosaic


Wedding Signature Canvas

A keepsake alternative to the Photo Mosaic. Present this beautiful canvas of the two of you at your wedding reception and have family and friends leave their well wishes for you to keep in your home forever.

See exmple below

Wedding Signature Canvas


Wedding "Thumbprint" Canvas

A unique keepsake. Present this beautiful canvas representing the uniting of two families at your wedding reception and have family and friends mark their approval of the uniting of your family tree by adding a leaf to your tree by means of a thumb print.
(Acrylic paint, permanent marker ink pad are suggested for adding a thumb print to your canvas)

See example below

Wedding Signature Canvas

DVD Slideshows

All your photos presented on a DVD (including chapter menus) to *music of your choosing. Professionally packaged in a custom DVD Cover and printed DVD Disc Image (cliche').

*Original Music needs to be owned and supplied by the client. TGVphoto does not have license to sell music. TGVphoto only holds the copyright for the photography and creation of the DVD Slideshow and can therefore only charge you accordingly.

DVD exmples below

DVD Slideshow with Custom Printed Covers and Cliches

Wedding Ablums (Photobooks)

40 page (20 leaves) lay flat, leather bound, Photobooks presented in a wooden, "Cherry Wood" stained gift box. A beautiful, elegant photo album breaking away from the traditional, cluttered and bulky ablums with photographs mounted on their pages.

Photobooks are a Neat and Very modern option with crisp and vibrant images unparalleled with the old traditional photo albums. (See exmple below)

Wedding Photo Albums (Photobooks)


Online Hosting

Your album will be hosted online for a minimum of 6 months. This provides you with a password-protected, 24-hour viewing and ordering facility that can be used and shared by friends and family alike.


Loose & Framed prints and Enlargements

All images are available as photo prints by request. Various framing options are also available, from a more traditional Classic Photo Frame to the very modern Acrylic mounted images.