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Your wedding photos are the glue that holds your marriage together. . . at least part of it . . . As I look back on my wedding day . . . it was really just a blur. There was so much going on I barely remember it. Only years later, as I sat paging through our wedding album, it suddenly dawned on me, 'Im married!' My wedding album has been a powerful reminder during the rough days (trust me, everyone has them) of why I chose my beautiful spouse to be my eternal companion, and why my marriage is worth the patience and effort it requires to make it joyful and successful.

It's with this background that I offer my 2cents.

If you want a 'Magazine' wedding album, then Im afraid Im not the photographer for you. I strongly believe in capturing memories, not creating them.

I remember attending a wedding once where I was watching the photographer. I was completely amazed . . . it had never even occured to me to do what this photographer did next. She placed the couple at the wedding cake, then told the husband to pretend to say something into the brides ear and then the bride must pretend it was funny, and laugh . . . REALLY? . . . What will they remember when they look back at that picture?

I do believe it's vital to get the shot the first time as it's a wedding, and it's not likely to happen again! But I still respect the sacredness of the ceremony more than the desire to get a shot at any cost. I believe in being invisible at the ceremony (Long lenses and Little to No Flash during sacred moments). After all, the sacred ceremony is why we're actually all there in the first place . . . not to see the back of a photographer or the wrath of their camera's flash.

If this is the type of photographer you're looking for, then you've found me!

I will capture your story as it naturally unfolds . . . of course we'll have a little fun with some traditional and some silly poses, every album and wall asks for those, but those wont dominate the importance of your wedding story!

I do real stories for real people.

I believe marriage between a man and women is ordained of God and is the most important decision any couple could make. In conjunction with this belief, I try not to be a deterrent to a couple getting married and therefore have a photo package for every financial affordability. You'll notice that my packages dont compromise on quality, but rather only on quantity . . . basically you get the best of what your budget is.

TGVphoto keeps your wedding photos on file so that, if the extras you really want aren't within your budget right now, they'll still be available when you can finally afford that option.