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Ever hosted a sports day and then, afterward, wished you could have captured it for the parents who were unable to attend? Whether for your parents or your school's yearbook or archives, I can help you with your photographic needs.

TGVphoto offers schools 2 hassle free solutions to capturing your special events.
1.) Hire my photographic services on a half day or day rate and all photos from the day will be copied onto DVD's as High Resolution RGB Jpegs for you to use, share or sell to parents as you desire.
2.) Invite me to cover your event for free and simply anounce our services and refer your parents to my website where they can view and order the relevant prints directly from me. All orders will then be delivered either to the school or directly to the parent as per our arrangement.

Onsite printing can also be offered on a small to medium scale.
TGVphoto's event photography is there to suit your needs.

Give me a call and let's discuss what I can do for your school.