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School Portraits are one of the highlights of my year. I just love seeing the responses of the different aged children when put into a themed environment.

I've always been entrigued by the 'American' school portraits, they seem so much more photographically mature than our local style.

TGVphoto offers schools elegant and quality Portraits without the 'kitch'. I love to be creative with my school shoots and there's not much I wont do for a great photo . . . but what I wont do is a tacky 'green screen' shoot. Ive had bad experiences with 'green screen' photography from my daughter's school photographer. It was winter, so she went to school wearing a hoody top. The photographer cleverly dropped out the background and put her, with a hoody top, on a beach with a digitally dropped in beach ball.

For crying out loud, if you're going to do a cheap green screen, at least try match the outfits to the background you'll be using! Needless to say we never ordered another Portrait photo from that school as you never knew what you were going to be paying for.

Here at TGVphoto I customize each shoot to the theme of every individual school for the year, yes it does cost us more in props, but it's so awesome I know you'll be ordering photos again next year.

In addition to this I provide your school with a printed photo display of the final set that will be offered to your parents . . . with the actual theme proposed for your school, so your parents know what they're getting ahead of spending their hard earned money for something they may be unsure of. My sets are usually so incredible that I end up with greater interest than that which was previously indicated prior to them seeing what it would look like.

In the evenings, families of the school children are offered a family photo shoot, usually related to the same theme, at a fraction of what a private family shoot would cost them. The family portraits are also done at the school premesis and is set up and waiting for them when they pick up their children from school.

Regardless of my themes, they are always minimalistic, never drawing attention away from the actual purpose of the shoot and just enough to hint toward the theme.

I do all ages from creche Portraits to High School . . . but of course the high school portraits are a little less themed ;D

Portrait Packages: No Charge to the School

Additional Items:

R200.00 - School Photo Packages include:
4x Passport Sized Portrait Prints
2x 6x4" Portrait prints
1x 5X9" Portrait prints
1x 5X9" Class Photo
1x 8x12" Portrait Prints

R150 - Family Portrait Packages include:
2x 6x4" Portraits Prints
1x 5x9" Portrait Prints
1x 8x12 Portrait Prints

Matt Print Enlargements (Optional Extra):
A3 - R160 ea
A2 - R270 ea
A1 - R470 ea
A0 - R820 ea

Loose Canvas Print Enlargement (Optional Extra):
A3 - R300 ea
A2 - R470 ea
A1 - R750 ea
A0 - R1390 ea