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My digital studio is fully equiped with the best software on the market, Adobe Creative Suite. With todays incredible software and powerful computers, there's very little that can't be done. Adobe Photoshop's only limitation is your skill and imagination.

I come from over 10 years experience in the Desktop Publishing industry. Fixing bad designs and making them realistic and printable is what I've done . . . and what I'm good at doing.

Pixel manipulation is what's refered to when our perfect celebrities grace our magazine covers . . . The perfect physique, the perfect complexion, the perfect eyes and amazing 'Michelle Pfeiffer' lips . . . that's us photoshop users, all of it . . . no one looks that good naturally . . . well most of us don't . . .

Even the 'perfect' model gets tweaked to some degree. I've often wondered why some companies would pay a fortune for a blonde model with a mole on her cheek only to make her a brunette without a mole in photoshop. But what ever your reasons, I'm here to help you do what you need done.

The biggest misconception with pixel manipulation is 'dont worry we'll just fix it in photoshop'. While this is true, it's often a lot more time consuming and expensive than just fixing it before the photo is taken. Pixel manipulation is really for those times when an alternative isn't available and something really has to have that certain look.

It's also exceptionally handy when shooting a family portrait, that has 10 little hyperactive kids in it, and at any given time one of them is staring off into dreamland . . . thats when it helps to pick and choose the right faces from multiple images to compose a single perfect shot.

I had to do some major retouching on a workshop once. It was a working shop and therefore, there was stuff lying everywhere . . . I had to clean up the room in photoshop . . . chuck out the spares and broken machinery and 'sweep' the floor. It wouldn't have taken as long to physically do that, but the employees didn't have the luxury of standing around while I took over their work area. So I do what I needed to do to get the final result.

Generally though, pixel manipulation can't fix bad lighting or out of focus images so it help to get the photo in the ball park of where you're going with it.

You can tell bad manipulation by how quickly someone tells you, 'that picture was photoshopped'. The best editors in the world don't get the credit . . . the photographers do :/

My aim is to deliver what you ask for, but please trust us if I say something's not going to work. My reputation is a stake here too . . . Some may try disguise their quick and nasty effects as 'Art' . . . but I just think it just looks tacky. When I'm done, I want you to have to refer back to the original image to notice what was changed.

Another important point under this category . . . wrinkle removal . . . it's all good and well, but just remember that if you're 86 in the shade . . . it may look a little odd to not have a wrinkle in sight. In such cases I can recommend wrinkle reduction rather than removal. Likewise, I can give you the 'weight loss' program you've always wanted, but in some cases the changes requested are so drastic that the individual wouldn't be recognisable by the time I'm done anyway . . . so what's the point? At best I can safely shave off 10kgs . . . anything more and I may as well give you a picture of a supermodel and have you convince your friends that its you. . . . Doesn't work does it :D

I'll always advise you on what you need, it may not always be in line with what you want, but the end result will be for the best, and you would likely agree.

Pixel Manipulation: R300.00 per hour
For a more specific quote, contact me and we can discuss what is needed and how long it will take.