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My digital studio is fully equiped with the best software on the market, Adobe Creative Suite. With todays incredible software and powerful computers, there's very little than can't be done when they're placed in capable hands.

When it come to restoring your precious memories I pride myself in not just giving them a touch up, but rather being able to bring them back to life. Enhancing colour and contrast.

Whether your photos have suffered manhandling due to wear and tear, little curious and sticky hands or it's just time that's got the better of them. I'll do everything I can to return them to you, digitally restored to their former glory, if not better!

Creases, tears, fading . . . and anything else . . . theres a 99.9% chance that TGVphoto is your solution for the retouching and restoration of old or damaged photos.

I will digitally scan the original and place the final, perfect image, in High Resolution on disc for you to have printed as and when your desire. Alternatively we can have your photo printed for you and or framed in a variety of materials and styles (be sure to check out my print services).

Retouching from as little as: R75 per image (R300.00 per hour) depending on the extent of restoration required
Data transfers (upload and download from Dropbox) R2.00 / Mb
Let me quote you on your specific needs