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Lifestyle photography is not exclusive to the Advertising or Product industries, but its also growing in popularity within the Private and Corporate Portrait world.

Pictures tell a thousand stories, but how better to tell a story than by putting a product or individual in their native environment doing what comes natural for them to do. Lifestyle photos help the viewer better connect with the product or individual as they learn so much about them through their environmental association.

Another selling point for lifestyle photographers is that although lifetyle shoots take more preparation to make them look natural . . . for the consumer they look unstaged and 'honest'. Everyone is familiar with the tricks of photoshop in making supermodels look super, but there is just something more believable about a lifestyle photo.

Lifestyle photos, like so many other photographic genre's now days, aren't limited to the corporate world. They have effectively spilled over into the private industry too as family and individual portraits.

TGVphoto loves the challenge of controlling natures lighting in the diversity of her lighting equipment, from mid-day sun to overcast or misty

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