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I love food, even though I'm sometimes duped out of my 3 storey Big Mac . . . it usually looks more like a flattened pancake when I get it at the drive thru.

But that's what food photography is all about . . . making the good look even better. This is even more important when what you're offering is already in the better category, then its vital that your menu doesn't just look OK.

Believe it or not, but even your 'frequent flyers' will still weigh their choice of food order against how good it looks in the menu. Just because it says it's 'an amazing tuna sandwich', doesn't mean it actually is. A food photo can do the very same thing on your menu, even if that customer has tried the sandwich before, they may be dissuaded from giving it another go when they see a badly lit and mutilated sandwich fighting for survival on a dirty looking plate.

TGVphoto offers you food photography for multiple applications. It could be for an all important menu with all the garnish and trimmings or it could be a clean white background for your backlit Menu lightboxes.

Whether you're trying to make a 100 calorie Caramel Chocolate cake look like it could fit into someone's weight-loss program or creating the illusion that your pint size burger will satisfy the hunger of an adventurer who's been lost in the desert for 6 months without a bite to eat.

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