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While the term 'Deepetching' may not be too familiar to many of us, we've all at some time wished we could change the background of our favourite photo. The comment: 'It would have been perfect if that wasn't in the background' comes to mind.

Well there's many ways of 'skinning a cat' when it come to changing the background. TGVphoto offers you an option for all your cats :D

Sometimes Deepetching isn't required. Rather a quick clone or retouch and the background is fixed up. But often you may be selling a product and want it presented on a clean background colour, or you're a designer and you need an image of a product with a transparent background to drop onto your amazing Restaurant Menu layouts. This is when Deepetching, or the complete removal of the background comes into play.

Depending on your end user, I can offer you a deepetch supplied as a photoshop layer file (Transparent Background) or provide you with a flattened tif or jpeg that contains a clipping path (Also Transparent Background, but cleaner cut out and more suitable for objects with crisp, clean edges).

Whether you want your object cut out with a soft or hard brush, with the use of a layer mask so that you can later further edit the deepetch, or if you want a clipping path created with the pen tool which can also be adjusted and edited later, I can meet your needs.

Deepetching can be done with an erasing tool, pen tool, brush tool, paths, masks, layered psd's, flattened tifs and jpegs, permanent or editable . . . in the end its your choice. . . and if you can't choose, tell me what the application will be and I'll choose the correct option for you!

Additional options I can offer you after Deepetching your product would be adding a background and or a shadow.

Let me know what you need and I'll provide a solution.