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Portrait photography in the commercial world can vary in need, from their presentation in Annual Reports to Passport photo requirements for corporate travel VISA'S.

TGVphoto provides large corporates with an effective solution to an on going need. Thousands of Rands and countless hours of your executive's time can be saved by TGVphoto providing your HR Department with an onsite photography solution. Companies are forever using photos of their Executives for a variety of appications. I will photograph all your neccessary staff and store their photos in our archives ready to be sent where ever and when ever required.

TGVphoto will format each image to suit each specific application's requirements, including providing your HR Department with printed A4 sheets of Passport photos for your frequent overseas travelers. These Passport photo sheets (containing 30 Passport Photos each) are delivered to your offices at a fraction of the cost or inconvenience of having to use a professional photolab each time your employees travel.

Corporate Portraits are also offered either in studio or on site with the use of portable studio lights and a variety of backdrops or environmental settings as preferred.

TGVphoto's Corporate Portrait Services are geared towards alleviating the stresses and inconveniences regarding the photographic admin needs of your company.

Corporate Portraits: R500 Booking Fee and R900.00 per hour (Shoot Only)

Additional Items:
Post Processing & Retouching Charged at R300/hr
(Estimated 1hr of Post Processing for every hour shooting)
R650 - All images retouched and supplied on disc as HIGH RESOLUTION Jpegs (suitable for printing up to A2 in size) as well as LOW RESOLUTION Jpegs (suitable for email & networking profiles)
Selected images Retouched and Printed from R20.00 (6x4") up to R2110.00 (A0 Stretched Canvas)
Travel from Gordon Road off-ramp, Johannesburg, charged at R2.76/km