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I just love little children, they're so 'real'. Babies especially, they are so trusting, loving and always cheerful.
With 4 children of my own, Ive done my fair share of bottle duty at 2am. Some nights are tougher than others, but on those occassions, wearily looking down into the cot, you're greated by bright eyes and a toothless smile that could melt the heart of the most hardened politician, it makes the dark rings under your eyes all worth while!

It's those smiles, those feelings within us, that I strive to capture.

We all love those adorable little photos of babies dressed in little animal outfits. The 'Anne Geddes' photos are forever classics.

I also love to do fun and cute things with babies but always put the safety of your precious little ones first. I would never risk injury to a child for the sake of a cute shot.

Baby photography is one of the few environments where substantial photo manipulation may take place. For example: a baby laying on the petal of a rose or a newborn dwarfed by the palm of his/her loving parent's hand. Even in these circumstance we belief in subtlety, A well "photoshopped" image should not be discernable as such.

Patience and planning are key to any good photo. In all the amazing photos and movies that so fully saturate our senses . . . planning has been key . . . alot of it. When it looks like someone has gone to the time and expense of hanging specially designed pot plants onto a specially painted background with specially made little sunflower hats on their babies . . . they usually have!

Baby photo shoots can be as affordable or as extravagant as you choose . . . but either way, I always strive to give you more than you expected for your money.

Im not happy until you are . . . and sometimes, even if you are happy, I still expect a certain level of satisfaction from myself . . . it's not always fun being a perfectionist :D


Portrait Packages: Booking Fee R500 plus R900.00 per hour (Shoot Only)

Additional Items:
R650.00 - All images retouched and supplied on disc as HIGH RESOLUTION Jpegs (suitable for printing up to A2 in size) as well as LOW RESOLUTION Jpegs (suitable for sharing via email & social networks)
Selected images Retouched and Printed from R20.00 (6x4") up to R2110.00 (A0 Stretched Canvas)
Please let me know your requirements and I'll provide a specific Quote.
A total spend of R1600.00 qualifies you for a 15% discount on all prints.
Client is liable for any costs incured for access to the location of your choosing (if applicable).
Specific Props can be supplied by yourself or arranged by myself, but may be an additional cost.
Location shoots include travel of up to 30km from Gordon Road off-ramp, Johannesburg (additional travel charged at R2.76/km)