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TGVphoto offers corporate and private clients a mid level automotive photography service.

By 'mid level' I don't mean mediocre quality. I just dont have the equipment or space for a fully fledged hollywood production.

This said I'm proud to admit that my car photography is still suitable for a range of applications from car magazines to personal framed images of your own beauty. Often automotive photography is reserved for large corporates with hundreds of thousands of Rands at their disposal. I pride myself in being able to fill the gap for small companies and or private individuals who want that professional look for their own personal creations.

Im a guilty partly of this too . . . I mean who spends tens of thousands on 'pimping' their ride and then doesn't wish they could have an awesome photo shoot with their car, bike or plane to hang in their office or home?

Enter TGVphoto . . . I offer really affordable and creative automotive photography for the passionate everyday driver.

If you're thinking of modifying your vehicle, why not photoshop the modification onto it first . . . its cheaper than the real deal . .. and that way you have a better idea of what it will look like with each modification. The addition to this advantage, is that you now have an image to take to your panelbeater as a guide to what you actually want. TGVphoto can offer you this service too at a fraction of the cost of making your biggest modification mistake.