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I cannot over emphasize the importance of a website, especially for business owners, of all sizes and shapes (It's the business Im refering to not the owners).

I once attended an e-commerce conference, hosted by Softline Pastel, where the speaker helped put this into perspective.

I think we all know that we're living in a digital era and that more and more is becoming easily accessible. I know not everyone is computer literate, but this guy's prediction came down to this . . . "If you're not online within the next 5years, dont bother having a business" (and that was 2 years ago).

He explained his madness. In the old days, you would see an ad on TV or read about it in the newspaper. You would note it down and stop in at the respective store during your next visit to town. The store owner would likely explain that he was sold out, or he didn't have what you were looking for in the colour or size you wanted. He would then order it for you, which you would collect 3-6 months down the line.

Now days, most people know what they want without being told about it, so their first port of call is a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc). By the time they've decided to purchase the item, they already know what they should look out for, which brands are good, which to avoid, how much they should pay and where they can get it. So generally speaking, when a person physically walks into your business, they're there to spend their money.

But lets say you have a good geographical location for your business in prime property . . . you dont need a website because all your clients are walk-ins . . . Wrong! In Europe they already have apps available that you can use to scan the barcode of the product you're holding and it will tell you, from your GPRS in your device, where else in the area, within a predemined distance, you will find that item and even how much you will pay for it at those stores.


WebDesign Rates (Prices may vary dependent on content)

Main Page Website Design: R3500.00
Add a page to your Webpage: 2000.00
Add a contact Form: R300
Add a Generic Gallery: R300
Maintainance (Updates): R300 per page update