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Shaun Thomas, is best described as a perfectionist with a "can do" personality.
He is a qualified Desktop Publisher by trade, with work experience in several
Print Shops which have won international awards for the best printers
within their specialised categories.

He comes from a background of over 10 years in the Lithographic printing industry
with as many years experience in the field of photography.

He grew up on a farm near the small town of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, but spent most of his years in boarding school where he saved up his pocket money and purchased his first camera at age 13.
Later he acquired a second-hand film SLR which opened up a whole new world in photography.

Shaun went on to Study Electronic Origination at the Southern African Printing College.
Thereafter he completed a 2 year apprenticeship at a printing company in Randburg, Johannesburg.

With the advent of Digital photography and the background in Desktop Publishing, he soon realised that the possibilities of creativity were limitless and extremely rewarding.

His interest in, and love for, art complements his creative eye.

Second to his Beautiful wife and 4 children, Photography is the love of his life . . .
and his desire to learn and create new ideas is an on going adventure.
If there is, by some slim chance, something that he cannot do,
he makes it his quest to study it until he has perfected it.
All his work is a result of life long personal study, experience and trial and error.

TGVphoto was born out of a desire to expand his creative horizons.
The printing industry was becoming more and more automated, requiring less individual skill and creativity.
Shaun quickly set out to rescue his creativity . . . and sanity . . . by starting his own business that would allow him to explore and combine a new world in digital design, photography and print.


Although Now known in the abbreviated "TGVphoto" format, the name
"The Graphic Vector" in its original form was derived from the below root words:

- The production of Designs and Images by Computer
- Vivid or Forcibly Descriptive, Clear, The Art of Drawing, Imagery, Photography.
- Visual Communication, Story telling through the use
of imagery.

- Line drawings made from a series of mathematical curves
- A force or Influence, to direct to a particular point, an angle or perspective.
- Paths consisting of straight lines and curves.

Thus the true interpretation of the company's name could be:
"The Vivid Drawing"
"The Photographic Perspective"
"The Influential Story"
"The Visual Influence"


In a society of commercialism where consumers are constantly looking for
more for less while suppliers in return, want to offer less for more.
TGVphoto seeks to offer every customer, a professional service, at genuine prices.

It seems human nature to judge quality of a product primarily by its price.

I constantly review our pricing in an attempt to offer you the best service at the most affordable price.
I strongly believe in an honest day's work for and honest day's pay.

However, if you think my services are too cheap, and you stand the chance of ruining your reputation as a high roller by using TGVphoto . . . we could always discuss your budget and up my price appropriately.
I can't , Im afraid, offer you much more in relation to service,
because at my current prices, Im already giving you my best work.

But if you aren't, by some small chance, satisfied with my products or services,
Please let me know, I never stop learning.
I also have a reputation to uphold . . . And yes , I do want to be the BEST!